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Fight in thrilling battles against your friends

Take on your friends in exciting battles, where every move counts and one can come on top.

Grind your way to become the richest fighter of your server

Work your way to being the wealthiest warrior in your server by participating in battles, collecting rewards, and winning in the Rumble Royale arena.

Bring your community together in action-packed events

Unite your community in unique era based events, and enjoy exciting battles together.

Set your Rumble playground up in just a few clicks

Easily set up Rumble Royale with just a few clicks, customizing the settings and era for an engaging and personalized gaming experience. Get up and running in only a few minutes.

Climb your way up to the top

Progress through the ranks and unlock rewards along the way. Earn time-limited special rewards to show off in the Rumble Royale arena.