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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have any questions about Custom Eras please refer to this separate FAQ.

Other good source of information is the /help command.


Im new, what do I do?
The core of the bot involves battling against other players. You can start a battle using the /battle command or join one by clicking on the crossed sword reaction. Each battle pits you against other players in a showdown to win the victory crown. Along your Rumble Royale journey, you'll collect gold, XP, and gems. With these currencies, you can unlock a wide range of cosmetics, from complete eras to new phrases; we have it all.

Can I buy eras or anything else for real money?
You cannot buy any in-game advantages with money. The game is designed to be random for everyone. However, you can purchase server premium for your server, which allows you to create custom eras. In the future, we may sell cosmetics to support bot development, but all items sold will be purely cosmetic and provide no gameplay advantage.

How do I unlock new eras?
You can obtain the current season's era by reaching 100,000 XP in the Season Pass. All older eras can be unlocked in backpacks. Classic era is available to everyone by default.

How do I win more?
There is no way to influence your chances of winning. Rumble Royale is completely random, and all items are purely cosmetic. The bot is also safe for use in random giveaways. New players have the same chance of winning as the most experienced ones.

If the bot is completely random then what is the point of playing?
You can play to collect all cosmetics, have fun with friends or your server, or create custom eras to enjoy the randomly generated stories. The reason for playing is entirely up to you!

The bot is offline or doesn't respond, what can I do?
First make sure your permissions are set correctly. Check if it works in different servers. If you use /battle command and it's saying there is a maintenance, please be patient as developers are currently updating the bot. If the issue persists for a prolonged period, please contact us in our support server.

How do I get XP?
You earn 20 XP (+5 bonus XP) for every game you join. For winning, you receive 60 XP (+10 bonus XP), and for each kill, you get 80 XP (+15 bonus XP). The numbers in parentheses indicate bonuses for battles in partnered servers.


What are weapons? How do I use them?
Every era comes with a different set of weapon/items. Each era features one item available to everyone (for example, a Dagger in the Classic era). You have to unlock the rest. You unlock an item only once, and then it can randomly appear in any battle. Items do not break. More information about unlocking them can be found in /items command.

Do items or skins give me any advantage?
No, everything is purely cosmetic. Battles are truly random and everyone has equal chance to win.

How do I set up an automatic battle?
Automatic battles can only be set up in partnered servers or in servers with over 1000 members. Use the /automatic create commands to create an automatic battle. You can view and delete them with the /automatic list command. Detailed explanations are available through /help category: Automatic Battles command.

What will Runner up, Most Kills and Most Revives earn you?
Nothing at the moment. Those stats are only for informational purposes. They can be used to select a giveaway winner, for example.

What are those images shown after a battle ends? Why aren't they shown after some battles ended?
That is a banner equipped by the winning player. If the player has no banner equipped, none will appear.

Can I stop a battle?
You can't stop a currently running battle. Attempting to delete messages will not stop it. You can delete a staff battle that hasn't started yet using /delete command.


Can I give someone gems, gold or any cosmetics?
No, Rumble Royale doesn't support gifting or trading of its currencies or items.

How do I get cosmetics?
Titles, quotes, and banners are unlockable in backpacks. Particles can be unlocked in the season pass. Item skins are available in /shop. A random selection appears there every day.

What are the chances to unlock anything from backpack?
Normal backpacks (small, medium, big) have the following probabilities:

  • Era - 2%

  • Banner - 2%

  • Era Backpack - 5%

  • Era Item - 10%

  • Title - 20%

  • Quote - 6%

  • Phrase - 55%

Era backpacks (classic, modern, ...) have the following probabilities:

  • Era Specific Item - 20%

  • Era Specific Phrase - 80%

A big backpack has 7 draws, a medium backpack has 5, and a small backpack has 3. Era backpacks have 3 draws.

When I save backpacks can I get a new content from them later?
Yes, the content of a backpack is determined when it is opened.


Can I get items from the rumble pass after the season is over?
No, all cosmetics are exclusive to the respective season pass. New era will be unlockable in backpacks after the season is over.

What carries over to the next season? What gets reset?
When a new season starts, only your collected XP is reset to 0. Other things, such as gold and gems, are not affected.


What are those animated emojis surrounding a player's name?
Those are particles, one of our unlockable cosmetics. They are the rarest cosmetic in-game and are usually available in higher tiers of season passes. Occasionally, some are available in events.

Server Setup

How do I invite the bot to my own server?
If you click on the bot's profile in the member list, you should see the "Add to server" button. Alternatively, you can use the /invite command.

Why don't RR emojis display correctly in my server?
The bot requires the "Use External Emojis" permission, which must be granted through both role and channel permissions.

How do I limit who can use slash commands. How do I limit them to selected channels?
Slash commands function differently from traditional commands. Navigate to Server Settings → Integrations, then click the Manage button next to the Rumble Royale app. Here, you can specify who can use each command and in which channels.

Slash commands aren't appearing in my server, what can I do?
Kick the bot from your server and re-invite it using the invite link found in the bot's profile. You will not lose any settings. Also make sure all your permissions are correctly set up. Only the first 50 bots invited to your server can display slash commands.

Slash commands appear in my server, but they fail with a red error message.
Make sure your Discord application is updated to the latest version. If the issue persists after waiting a few minutes, please open a ticket in our support server.

How do I set it so that only admins/mods can start battles?
You can limit who can use each command using by going to Server Settings → Integrations and selecting Rumble Royale. There, allow only mods to use the /start command. Additionally, configure who can run staff battles with the /staff add command.

Server Partnership

How do I make my server partnered?
You must have Rumble Royale in your server and actively use it. You should be an English-speaking community. A representative must be present in our support server. Your server must have a member count of 1000 or higher (excluding bots). Compliance with our rules and Discord's Terms of Service is mandatory.

What are the advantages of being a partnered server?
Each battle in a partnered server awards additional XP above the base rewards: +5 XP for joining a game, +10 XP for a win, and +15 XP per kill. Partnered servers can create a maximum of 5 automatic battles. Other servers can start 3. Partners gain access to special support channels. We share invites to partnered server in a channel for everyone to see.

Can partnered servers award in-game items, XP or anything else?
Battles in partnered servers award additional XP. Partnered servers can't grant you anything else by themselves. Exceptions occur during select events where we collaborate with our partners to distribute rewards. But there will always be an announcement about these events.


I voted for the bot so why does it say I didn't and I can't claim my gems?
Sometimes it takes a while for the system to register your vote. Try using /claim after a few minutes. Remember, you can vote every 12 hours.

How can I get a bot like Grumble, Trace or Rumble Assistant in my server?
Grumble is exclusive to our support server. We do not develop other bots like Trace or Rumble Assistant, and therefore cannot provide support for them.

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