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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I set it so that only admins/mods can start battles?
You can do that by allowing only a certain role to send messages in that channel.

Where is the weapon I won from my match?
Era weapons can only be used if you already own the era it is from. Also, you can't equip it (it’s not a skin). It is automatically used randomly during battles.

How do I add the bot to my server?
Use /invite or you can also click here!.

How do I add staff through the bot?
The command to add staff through the bot is /staff add UserID/RoleID.
Here's how you get someone's ID.

Can I make custom eras/phrases?
At this time there are no plans to implement that. It’s too big of an undertaking.

The bot is down!
It’s more than likely just lagging. Give it a few minutes and it’ll be back to normal.

Can I buy skins and eras for real money?
No, Rumble Royale does not have any form of monetization.

How do I set up an automatic battle?
First, make sure there’s a staff battle set up in that channel. Then run /automatic setup and it will walk you through it.

I’ve opened so many backpacks and haven’t gotten an era yet!
Keep trying. There’s a very small percentage of getting an era in backpacks. If it were easy to get them there wouldn’t be a point of continuing to play the game.

How do I unlock new eras?
Any of the previous season eras can be obtained through backpacks. The current season’s era can be obtained by reaching 100,000XP in the Season Pass.

Can I give/send someone gems, gold or any cosmetics?
No, Rumble Royale doesn't support gifting or trading any of its currencies or items and we don't plan on adding the ability to do so.

Why is an automatic battle not starting although it met the player requirement / the given time between battles has already passed?
The bot starts automatic battles one by one globally across all servers, if there is a delay in a particular automatic battle it may be because there is another major automatic battle ongoing somewhere else.

Can I get items from the rumble pass after the season is over?
No, the only thing available in the backpacks after the season is over is the given era.

I voted for the bot so why does it say I didn't and I can't claim my gems?
Sometimes it takes a while for you to be able to claim it, try using /claim after a few minutes. If it still doesn't work, feel free to open a ticket and contact us.
Note: You can vote once every 12 hours and the delay between vote and claim doesn't affect the time you have to wait to vote again.

Can I set up automatic battles in my server without becoming partner?
Yes, if you have 1,000 members or more automatic battles are available to you.

Where can I find a full list of commands or info about the bot?
Run the commands /help and /info.