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What's new in Season 8

The Egyptian Era

What offerings are you making? Our newest era is full of sandstorms, dangerous scorpions and ancient gods. Fight to glory in our all-new Egyptian era. Only the toughest warriors can survive the searing desert heat, and rise to riches. Go sharpen your khopesh, feed your sphynx and start praying.

What's new?
Sphynx skins
Khopesh skins
Scepter skins
Ankh skins
Egyptian Particles
New quotes, titles, and a lot more!
New Skins
Mummy Khopesh 100000 gold
Sandstorm Sphynx 175000 gold
Albino Sphynx 10000 gems
Ra's Scepter 500000 gold
Magma Ankh 1000 gems
Season 8 Rumble Pass

Like last season, we're going all out with the Rumble Pass. With milestones going up to 5 million XP, there are plenty of rewards to show everyone you are the true ruler of the desert.
Earn the Egyptian Era, plus gold, gems, backpacks, phrases, quotes and other cosmetics in Season 8. Check below for the list of full rewards.

Tier Type Reward
Tier 1 Small Backpack 1 Small Backpack
Tier 2 Gold 5000 Gold
Tier 3 Gems 50 Gems
Tier 4 Title "the Mummy"
Tier 5 Medium Backpack 1 Medium Backpack
Tier 6 Phrase "Rumble Royale the Bot got chills going down their spine after seeing mummified zombies come back to life."
Tier 7 Gold 10000 Gold
Tier 8 Weapon Skin Golden Katana
Tier 9 Gems 100 Gems
Tier 10 Phrase "Rumble Royale the Bot invented a time machine that can travel back in time, to witness the greatness of the ancient egyptian civilization."
Tier 11 Gold 25000 Gold
Tier 12 Big Backpack 1 Big Backpack
Tier 13 Title "the Sphynx"
Tier 14 XP Boost 12 hours XP Boost x1.5
Tier 15 Era Egyptian Era
Tier 16 Quote "Who is your god?"
Tier 17 XP Boost 12 hours XP Boost x2
Tier 18 Gems 200 Gems
Tier 19 Era Backpacks 3 Egyptian Backpacks
Tier 20 Era banner Egyptian Banner
Tier 21 Title "the Pharaoh"
Tier 22 Era particle Common Particle
Tier 23 Era backpack 5 Egyptian Backpacks
Tier 24 XP Boost 24hours XP Boost x2
Tier 25 Era Particle Uncommon Particle
Tier 26 Gold 100000 Gold
Tier 27 Era Particle Rare Particle
Tier 28 Big Backpack 5 Big Backpack
Tier 29 Era Particle Epic Particle
Tier 30 Era Particle Legendary Particle
Tier 31 Quote "{dead_players} new corpses to be mumified!"
Tier 32 Quote "May Anubis have mercy on the {total_kills} souls I sent to the underworld."
Tier 33 Title "the Skilled"